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Frequently Asked Questions

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What role does nutrition play in achieving the best results from A.R.T?

There is no special diet required to achieve the best results from A.R.T. A diet which is considered to be balanced and meeting acceptable national health standard in relation to its competition it all that is required. Some supplementation could be advisable on an individual basis and in consideration of special circumstances.

Who can benefit from A.R.T?

A.R.T has benefits for everyone. It enhances sports performance and reduces potential injury. It helps children and adolescents improve strength and self confidence and enhances self image. For the unfit it is a safe, progressive form of training that can be tailored to their starting level of training and fitness. For women it provides a range of significant benefits – improving muscle tone, body shape, strength and flexibility and it increases bone density (significant for women later on in life). For people suffering from injury, A.R.T can help with rapid recovery of strength ad range of movement reducing the effects of pain and laying out the foundation for resistance to further injury in the future. For the mature aged population, A.R.T helps with the recovery of lost muscle mass allowing for a more active and confident lifestyle. A.R.T is truly beneficial to all generations and for a lot of important reasons.

Does A.R.T have a special role to play in reducing body fat and achieving weight control?

A.R.T is a highly effective strategy for the reduction of body fat and effective weight control. Because muscle cells are more active, they require more calories at rest. A.R.T promotes the growth of muscle cells and as such, increases the calorie requirement of the body. Secondly, A.R.T sessions involve a high calories burn off thereby providing a double reducing effect on fat stores.

Is A.R.T a beneficial addition to a jogging program?

For an individual involved in a regular program of jogging the risk of injury is high. Every time your foot contacts the jogging surface, your joints and muscle structures may absorb up to three times your body weight in force. Based on U.S national statistics, a person involved in a jogging program regularly over a twelve month period has an 80% chance of injury. A.R.T programs are capable of reducing the injury risk associated with jogging, balancing strength between muscle groups and increasing flexibility. A.R.T is a logical and important supplement to any jogging program, and any other lifestyle program you may take on.

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